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SOMAnatomics sessions @ Alexander Techniek Amsterdam

Dear Movers,

I am very excited to announce that since December 2016 it is possible for you to enjoy individual Somanatomics Bodywork & Neurokinetic sessions every Thursday at Alexander Techniek Amsterdam!

This is a great cosy studio with all the necessary equipment both for screenings and postural evaluations but also for bodywork and somatic movement therapy sessions.

It also comes with some very interesting Alexander Technique "toys" .

To learn more about Alexander Technique check the website and contact Maria Vehervuo for extra info.

More studios and spaces where you can attend SOMAnatomics sessions and classes for 2017 will be announced soon.

Please don't hesitate to contact me in order to book an appointment or session for a different day during the week at the Alexander Techniek Centre and/or for a house call.

Keep on moving and don't forget to breathe !



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