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Healing Park Day

Third, and last day of the festival is one of our favourite Festival to Healing days.

Healing Park day!

This year we were happy to be a part of Rembrandtparkfestival

to celebrate this day!

We had lots of group workshops and individual healing sessions happening.

Despite the weather conditions we stayed the whole day in the park enjoying nature's mood changes and it proved to be a very rewarding experience !

Healing Workshop tent! With workshops in somatic movement and neurokinesis, conceptual pattern, tai chi & chi kung, dance movement therapy and more..

Healing Treatment tent! With individual mini-treatment sessions in chakra balancing, somatic movement therapy, body awareness, reiki and Indian head massage!

Great team of people (not all pictured here) helped us to bring the festival to life again this year and spread the word around. Thank you all and we can't wait for next year!

Thank you all for joining us and I can't wait for next year!

lots of appreciation and admiration to my co-organiser Polyxeni C. Stavrou

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