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is a dance theatre performance that raises questions about


embodied awareness

and estrangement in urban spaces.

Or maybe it's just about being weird!



Premiered and opened its curtains for four performances during AMSTERDAM FRINGE FESTIVAL 2019.

Choreography & Creative Direction: Christina Mastori

Rehearsal Director: Mirka Vlachou

Stage & Graphic Design: ici.coco

Photography Direction: Alexandra Diona ( ashinyday )

Performers across the project:

Anna Riley-Shepard, Sara Europaeus, Jente Hageman, Jade Traa, Thespis Athineus, Fien Lute, Merrel Tebbens, George Damaskos, Leonardo Cirliani, Mirka Vlachou, Carmen Muskee, Athina Liakopoulou, Saskia Watts, Fay Sanders, Seb Kontopoulos, Clotilde Jeannot

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