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Thinking Body workshop collab Human Consciousness-DIS

I planned a very exciting workshop for DIS-Copenhagen and its students from the department of Psychology for the course of Neuroscience and Human Consciousness!

This workshop has been accommodated and changed to follow the purposes of the university course.

This is the 2nd year of our collaboration and I was very excited to host the one yesterday, since I have developed new games, exercises and sequences.

The main focus of the workshop was in embodied senses, proprioception,

reflexes and instincts!

We started to synchronise our body and mind with our state of being and we explored our senses and the feedback our brain receives from them. The students were introduced to SOMAnatomics Neurokinesis principles where they investigated

  • how the body responds to stimuli when one of the senses is compromised

  • how we respond to touch by another moving body

  • how we trust our safety to another person

  • how we allow someone to take control over our movements

  • how do we use space

Students worked on identifying their movement vocabulary, the habits of their body and how they use their bodies in space. Which are their reflexive patterns as a reaction to sudden events, what are their bodies imitating abilities and how their brain is able to learn an "map" movement sequences.

To work on their embodied awareness, proprioceptive and kinaesthetic skills they were also introduced for the first time to some principles of the fighting_monkey with exercises in practice ball & form of the father, and a few new movement sequences from the Rootlessroot research!

The students enjoyed the workshop deeply and also managed to bridge theory with practice since the exercises provided them with a better understanding of the neuro-motor connectivity and its functions.

They considered the workshop both a physical and a cognitive challenge!

See you guys next semester!

for more info on SOMAnatomics workshops check here

for questions & booking contact me here

for neurokinesis bodywork have a look here

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