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Movement Refinement

Athletic Artistry 

for Dancers & Performing artists 

Each session is adjusted according to individual needs 


Is a kinetic training programme focused on the development of physical potential in dancers and performing artists. 

It includes exercise training & conditioning with movement guidance.


Each session is adjusted to the individual's needs, usually regarding the specificity of their sport style and exercise.  Postural, muscular and anthropometric screenings are also performed.


Instead of working only towards the enhancement of performance, the Athletic Artistry programme also aims to educate and provide the necessary tools for injury prevention and exercise safety.


In Athletic Training I work with dancers who wish to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their technical and expressional technique.

A programme is created according to the dancer's background and current training, technique and style (ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, etc) and their goals for their optimal performance. 

With excessive training especially during rehearsal season and auditions when stress levels are at their peak point which often results to decrease in flexibility, fatigue, pain and possibly injury.


Injury Prevention, Dance Safety, and MovementRehab Training workshops are also organised

















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