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Therapy at the park: The New Thing! Captures from Rembrandtparkfestival

I would like to share with you here a few moments from the Rembrandtpark festival!

It was fun moving most of the ToHealing139 studio to the park and creating a relaxing and inviting tent!

The festival was super busy with a lot of activities, and although we couldn't see over our noses from the mist at the beginning of the day, both the weather and treatments became bright and sunny after a few hours.

We had a healing corner, a reading corner and a whole side of the tent slowly covered with affirmations and positive quotes during the course of the day! Became kind of little attraction!

Keep checking here for more info and updates on the events we will be participating or organising this year with Amsterdam Holistic Healing!

We find that park festival have became "the new thing" for us! We would like to thank all of you that came and it was lovely to meet and treat all the new people interested in connecting with their body and mind!

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