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Unless otherwise indicated, all rights to this Website and the information, including copyrights and other intellectual property rights (including but not limited to trademark rights, trade name rights, design rights, patent law and other -written and/or unwritten- intellectual property rights) and all materials provided by Somanatomics through this Website (including but not limited to data, files, photographs, texts, layout, images, etc.) is proprietary to Somanatomics & Christina Mastori.


This Website and all the materials made available through this Website are protected by applicable copyright and trademark laws. 

1.You are not entitled to change, modify and/or (re)-edit the digital or hard copies of any particular material of this Website that you have saved.

2.You are not entitled to add, modify and/or (re-)use photographs, texts, (graphic) images and/or video and/or audio material to the original material of the Website. You should ensure that Somanatomics and the author/authors of the material on this Website is acknowledged at any time.

3. You are not allowed to use any material from this Website for any commercial purpose, or do any of the above (1,2) without the prior express written permission granted for this purpose by Somanatomics and Christina Mastori.

4. None of the materials, written work, photographs, blog posts,etc may be published in any way, duplicated, transmitted, distributed, reproduced, copied, modified and/or in any other way used or exploited (including but not limited to reproduction or storage on other website(s) or any electronic (storage) device) without the prior express written permission of Somanatomics & Christina Mastori.

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