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SOMAnatomics for the Office Worker

Can you Fix Yourself?

If you have tried to relieve back, neck, shoulder or hip pain, and have only experienced short term relief, Somanatomics Bodywork and Neuro-movement Somanatomics will teach you how to achieve long-term pain relief and improved muscle function - and the tools to utilise whenever you need.

You will learn how to access your brain's ability to “re-program” your muscles to lengthen and relax, as you regain muscle sensation and control.

You will be able to Work Against:

Lower back pain

Shoulder pain & headaches

Back pain & leg numbness

When: Thursdays & Sundays

Location: To Healing, Room 139, Donker Curtiusstraat 7,1051JL, Amsterdam

Time: 9am- 8pm

Sessions Offered:

Somanatomics Bodywork 45min

Neuro-movement Somanatomics 40min

For info or to make an appointment please contact:


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