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Announcement: 1st Amsterdam Amsterdam Summer Festival To Healing 25th to 28th June 2015

Dear colleagues, clients and friends

The 1st Amsterdam Summer Festival To Healing is here! It is a little bit small this year but we have put a big effort and a lot of enthusiasm and love in it.

We have planned it with care so that it becomes a meeting forum for us all and an opportunity to celebrate healing and exchange and expand experience. We have organised a panel for discussion, workshops and an open day at the park to try out and enjoy different healing practices!

We are looking forward to seeing you there at one of our events/workshops. We are looking forward to meeting other practitioners and other people who are interested in healing as a way to enjoy, understand and nourish their bodies and their lives.

Programme will be announced soon!

You can also check the festival´s blog or facebook page

With Love from me and Polyxeni C. Stavrou

From more info you can find Polyxeni at or

0031 (0) 619 559 018

and Christina Mastori

at or 0031 (0) 684986442

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