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a research collab between artists & dance makers,

Penelope Morout & Christina Mastori .

T.E.P. is a project that emanated from the inherent need

of the artists to become involved through their creative practices with topics vital to our society in order to create awareness

and spread knowledge. It is motivated by the fragile matter of animal rights, and particularly the amount of elephants that are being killed every day for their skin and ivory in Asia and Africa.

The performers use the body more as a medium to transmit a necessity for change and broadcast a call for attentiveness, persistence and cooperation rather than to present their skills

and movement capabilities.

T.E.P is equally a form οf protest, using mainly the origami technique as movement initiation in order to create paper-elephants, as well as an invitation for the spectator to become engaged to this matter. For hours, the space is constantly transformed. The movers’ bodies and countless elephant-shaped origami constitute the raw material for this

transformation to take place.

As the performers gently fold the paper and accurately place the paper objects in space, a sculpture is shaped. It is through this restriction of the performers’ movement possibilities,

through their choices and state of mind and body, that the performance-installation will take a different form each day;

through stillness the need for action will be born.

It is through the timely elongation of their actions that space for contemplation is created for both the performer as well as for the spectator.

T.E.P was presented in a form of a live performance - installation during COMETOGETHER #4 festival at FRASCATI  theatre on the 24th, 25th & 26th of January 2019.



PENELOPE  is a Greek-French performance artist coming from a background of Dance and Architecture. She has collaborated professionally with various dance and theatre companies, as well as participated in festivals around the world. Her artistic practice is characterized from a fascination for detail and consists of the exploration of physical move-ment and the use of multimedia technologies. She is currently pursuing the Master Theatre Practices in ArtEZ University of the Arts, as part of her quest to combine her two fields of expertise in her creative work.

Photography by ici.coco 

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