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Event Preparations!

We spend the day preparing the last details at 139TOHEALING before our event tomorrow! We know that you are busy people, that's why we insist you take some time off tomorrow to bring some calmness and relaxation in your body, your energy and your Saturday!

We will see you there to answer questions you might have for our practices and give you tips and suggestions to treat yourself and your body in a more holistic way! If you haven't had a session with us so far come and try our mini healing sessions to get an idea of what we do and what can our practices do for you! There is going to be tea and some biscuits as well!

We will also let you know about our plans, upcoming workshops and projects, our ideas for the 2nd Amsterdam Summer Festival to Healing and inform you about where you can find us from now on for our sessions! Bell is 139ToHealing and we will be waiting you on the 1st floor!

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