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LECTURE Neuromovement Somanatomics & The Metamorphic Technique For Pregnancy

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We are very excited with the outcome of the Lecture

"A physical-mental-emotional approach to awareness and well-being for pregnant mothers & their caregivers"

that we gave last Saturday, 10th of January,

and we would like to thank everyone who attended!

For those that due to the weather outburst could not make it/ or those interested,

please e-mail us;

  • if you would like to participate in the future lectures and workshops

  • or if you would like to have a private meeting with us to discuss further

and become more acquainted with our techniques.

On Saturday we introduced to the lecture attendees the beneficial qualities of

light touch, neuro-movement manipulation

and the soft massage of the metamorphic technique

and how they can be proven helpful for a pregnant mother.

The lecture was free and invited midwifes, doulas, pregnant women and their partners to join, learn and discuss with us about healing touch.

For those who would like to know a bit more about our techniques and their beneficial attributes during pregnancy see here for the brochure & outline of our lecture.

For more info please contact:

Christina Mastori (

0684986442 or

Polyxeni Stavrou ( )

0619559018 or

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