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             Conscious Living and Awakening Senses

                          for Change to Become Real, it Must be Embodied


Workshops and Intensives

(vary from 2hours to a full weekend or several days)

offer a safe space to dive deep into body awareness and learn from a blend of movement practices. 

Tools are provided to learn how to cultivate ways to use and integrate in everyday life. To escape from the pain and discomfort that constant habitual patterns create and take control over our bodies once again.

Prior movement experience is not required.

There is neither right or wrong,  and no level of experience. 

These tools are used as a method for coming back to full consciousness even if our attention is caught up something else.

We use partnering work, imagery exercises, expressional movement and explorative bodywork exercises.

 A deeply experiential somatic movement practice that gives the participant the opportunity to explore the state of being, physical and cognitive, through a personal point of view via guided movement sequences and brain games. 
In this workshop we will draw our attention to our personal habits and movements that often cause discomfort or pain and may limit our movement vocabulary. 
We will use the weight of our bodies and explore gravitational forces, imagery games to engage our neuromuscular connection, touch and partnering work to explore our awareness and perception of our body in space.
We will work on our reflexes , challenge our instincts and learn how to develop effortless and effective ways to move our body, and which is their integration into our daily lives. With expressive movement & experiential anatomy sequences we will awaken and better understand our senses. 
This will be a safe place to dive into a deeper bodily awareness and learn new things about ourselves and our anatomy.

-No previous movement or dance experience is necessary


Human Movement Consciousness

A theory meets practice workshop where we begin to review our personal movement material in a slow pace and while being aware of responses in our body providing sensory feedback from our muscles, joints, etc. We explore our postural sway and stability with our ability to hold our body naturally against the gravitational forces. We look into our static and active balancing skills and address the weight distribution in the body and the way we transfer it in space (ex.walking).


We use touch to strengthen our connection to the body and to enhance the interactions between our nervous and muscular system -the ability of our body to perform and project voluntarily or automatically what our brain orders or is required for survival.We explore the perception of our limbs, core and head movement characteristics and we learn to understand the strength of effort being employed in our movements.


The slow movement material and the sensory information provide the opportunity to address any habitual patterns that have caused muscle tension, pain, rigidness and soreness or movement limitation. 

Rest intervals are frequently incorporated to let ourselves feel the parasympathetic relaxation response (the physical state of deep relaxation) which is returning the body and its biochemistry back to pre-stress levels, promotes immune function that inhibits inflammation and stimulates healing;

These intervals also provide time for self reflection.

-No previous movement or dance experience is necessary







Next Movement workshops during Spring 2019!

Stay Tuned or contact for more info

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