During this time we all try to find ways to stay fit and healthy from the warmth and safety of our home.

Although it might seem difficult to consider it like this at first, this is a great opportunity to 

learn more about our body or put what we know to practice!

For those of you that have been following my mobility, functional movement and strength & conditioning classes I will try and help you maintain consistency and continue to strive for the goals that you have already set.

Of course any new student/mover is welcome! 

For some classes there will be set levels and some will be open to all backgrounds and experiences.


Schedule will be updated as we go ..

None of us know how long this will last so let's make sure we stay connected and keep motivating each other.

To follow any of my online classes or private sessions please send me an email  to provide you with more details.

Some classes will happen in small groups of up to 8people and some classes will be open to anyone with a link 



(Time Zone: Amsterdam-CET)



CONDITIONING SESSION      10.15- 11.15



OF  A MOVER                                 10.15- 11.15


w. Susan Hoogbergen 


MOBILITY SESSION                      

for VONDELGYM                           10.00 - 11.00



OF  A MOVER                                 10.00 - 11.00


w. Susan Hoogbergen                    

To book your spot for a class or private session email Christina at somanatomics@gmail.com

and to follow our collaborative conditioning sessions with Susan you can email us at danceathleticsconditioning@gmail.com

Classes are donation based so if you are having troubles don't let it stop you from joining

and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

See you soon (virtually) and let's stay healthy and active !!

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        All rights Christina Mastori



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