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                       Power Balance class

                                          Sunday: 10.10 & 11.10 am

                                          Monday: 19.10 pm

                                          Thursday: 19.10 pm

                              @ WattWorks_ Bike Club


A complimentary training that aims in

enhancing balance, flexibility, strengthening

and conditioning.

It is based on multiple practices in order to

provide a holistic and interdisciplinary




This is a class for people interested in 

 improving physical and mental skills

(strength, mobility, stability, adaptation,

coordination, etc) required in athletics but also everyday life.

                         Specifically designed for WattWorks_ Bike Club

                 "As a cyclist it is logical to carry out your training on a bicycle. 

       However, if you forget the rest of your body, chances are you will not get

               the most out of your cycling performance and suffer from neck,

                                        shoulder and back complaints. 

                                   If you want to keep your body in balance,

                                join a PowerBalance training next to the bike."



    For more info on the class and booking your spot                                                   visit WattWorks_ PowerBalance

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