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Move Into Being SOMAnatomics & Badila workshop

First "move into being" SOMAnatomics workshop in Athens and I consider it a very rewarding experience!

It was a beautiful co-creation project between Badila and somanatomics! A deeply experiential somatics workshop that gave us the opportunity to explore the state of being through our own personal point of view and get introduced to new ways of moving!

A few badila girls were gathered at an athenian terrace for a kind of private kinesiology workshop. Dressed with our simple & comfortable Badila clothes that gave us freedom of movement and flow, we prepared ourselves for a newfound experience!

This workshop was a deeply experiential workshop that gave an opportunity to those involved to explore existence through their personal point of view physically and cognitively. It was a slow somatic movement program with neurokinetic techniques and rehabilitation sequences from SOMAnatomics practice, which intended to draw our attention to our personal habits and movements that often cause pain and discomfort to our bodies.

These workshops offer a safe space to dive into a deeper bodily awareness and learn new things about ourselves, our anatomy and physiology.

We use the weight of our body and our gravitational forces, imagery games, expressive movement and exploratory anatomy exercises to help us awaken and better perceive our senses. Working on questions such as how would you move if you were fully aware of all your actions, even micro-movements? Is our brain and body on alert and connected in order to organise and appropriately react to stimulus? In this kind of workshop we learn how to develop effortless and effective ways to use our body, and which may be their integration into our daily lives.

After exploring our body, we created a strong base of connecting with ourselves and the surrounding people (moving bodies).

We met each other, we bonded, we laughed and can’t wait to repeat it!

Keep checking SOMAnatomics blog and facebook page

for coming workshops and news!

Project leader and anything DIY by Alexandra Diona & A Shiny Day

Moments captured by Panos Astor Koffas

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