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Neurokinesis Workshop Series JULY 16th & 23rd

“Move into being” Saturday July 16th &

“The Thinking Body” Saturday July 23rd

from 14:30 till 16:00 with Christina Mastori

In these 2 deep experiential workshops participants are given the opportunity to address their personal state of being. A slow-movement programme that uses the neurokinetic restorative sequences of SOMAnatomics practice to bring attention to our personal movement habits that often cause pain and discomfort to our body. These workshops offer a safe space to dive deep into body awareness and learn new things about your self, your anatomy and physiology. You will learn how to develop easy and effective ways of moving to use and integrate in everyday life. Did you ever wonder how you would move if you were fully conscious of all your actions and micro-movements? Is your brain and mind engaged with what your body does? We will use our bodies’ weight and the gravitational forces, imagery exercises, expressional movement, partnering work and explorative anatomy exercises to invite awareness and awaken our senses. Join me to break free from the pain and discomfort that constant habitual patterns create and take control over your body once again.

Prior movement experience is not required.

Price: 30€ for 1 workshop and 50€ when you book your spot for both workshops. Contact me regarding prices for unemployed or students.

"Move into Being" is the 1st workshop of the Neurokinesis series for July on Saturday the 16th. The second workshop "The Thinking Body" will be held on the 23rd of July.

Sing up via or send a direct message to Christina Mastori or SOMAnatomics

for more details about SOMAnatomics Neurokinesis workshops check under workshops


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