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Primitive Spirals

The hardest thing to listen to are your senses, instincts and your human intuition.

Spiraling is a true primitive movement pattern that allows you to move your spine and engage your brain in ways you normally do not! Constantly receiving feedback about your existence ±

Look for an embodied practice that will radically transform and expand your sense of self, by exploring and rediscovering patterns of movement and awareness.

SOMAnatomics somatic movement therapy,

neurokinetic awareness & bodywork

will guide you in a journey of increased body awareness

and sensory understanding .

To relieve chronic pain and transform poor posture & habits to functional movement patterns and conscious living.

For the majority of people the body, meaning physical movement, is perceived as separate and independent from the mental activities of the brain (thinking process, emotions, behaviors, beliefs).

In SOMAnatomics the person is seen as an integrated, complex system where movement is considered the expressive language of the brain and sensory stimulation provides tools for a functional and efficient "Thinking Body".

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