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SOMAnatomics go to RembrandtPark Festival 10e editie

October started very busy and powerful and we invite you to join us in all the new and interested things we have planned!

Since our 1st Festival to Healing had such a big success and attracted many people interested in their bodies, energies and generally in healing & healing techniques we were encouraged to join the 10e edition of RembrandtPark Festival, tomorrow SUNDAY the 4th of October 2015!

The festival will be at the beautiful Rembrandt Park, as each title suggests, and there will be a variety of activities and things to try with live music and theater, arts & crafts, art activities for children and many more!

The TOHEALING139 crew will have a booth to provide tips about the body and our energies, give mini healing sessions in a very approachable price, and discuss with you about our techniques and treatments!

I will be giving mini Bodywork/Sensory Awareness treatments with 10€ and 15€ !

And Polyxeni will be giving mini Reiiki treatments (check for more info).

We can't wait to see you beautiful people there and talk more about healing!

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