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4th and Last Day of the Festival Woop Woop!

It's already the last day of the 1st Amsterdam Summer Festival To Healing!

Thank you all for being a part of it so far.

We are very excited fo today and it's difficult to hide it :)

Today is our exciting HEALING PARK DAY.

The weather is on our side and Flevopark is beautiful and relaxing waiting for some healing treatments to begin!

First is the "The Thinking Body" a SOMAnatomics workshop from 12.00 until 13.30. During this workshop we will learn how to listen to our body and the sensations that arise from within us. We will explore our movement possibilities and pay attention to our structural limitations. We will use everyday movements, imaging, touch and a slow somatic approach to bring awareness and balance in our body.

The second workshop of the day is a "Yin Yoga" workshop by Hellen Van Der Harten that starts at 17.00 until 18.00. Why Yin Yoga? Because the feeling that you are left with after you have gone through a Yin Yoga session is amazing! You do yourself, your body and your mind a great favour. Yin yoga is a practice of letting go; you learn how to just relax and accept the experience so that your body just does its thing. For this workshop please bring your yoga mat or a blanket or towel to sit/lay on. For both workshops you should wear comfortable clothes.

Last but not least, join us for the Festival's Closing ritual- The Group Conceptual Pattern Circle/“Two Hands for Nepal” (no reservation required) By using a hand symbol called “conceptual pattern” ( a certain positioning of the hands), we will all sit in a circle and spend 30 minutes in a conceptual pattern meditation for the empowerment of the people of Nepal in this moment of difficulty.

The rest of the day from 13.30 until 17.00 is free and people can come by and experience mini sessions of SOMAnatomics, Reiki,etc. We can also answer to your questions, discuss about Healing and enjoy a nice day at the park!


Christina & Polyxeni

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