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2nd Festival Day!

We are now on the 2nd DAY of the 1st Amsterdam Summer Festival To Healing!

Today we started early to prepare our two exciting workshops and this day is all about the NOT SO OBVIOUS places that you can find healing! We begin with Movement Expression at 17.00 by Christina Mastori, where we’ll be exploring our movement vocabulary on small and usually restricted urban spaces!

Bring yourself, comfortable clothes to move and all your muscle memories from all the times you’ve been squashed on the bus, on the queue to the bank,etc!In this workshop we begin to review our personal movement material in a slow pace and we aim to strengthen our connection with our body. We explore stability and balance and use touch and imaging to guide us in our journey.

This is an opportunity to bring smoothness and relaxation in our movement and provide time for self-reflection.

We continue at 19.30 with our Healing Art Event/Alternative Encounters: Wear Black, Eat Pizza, Read Texts that Heal Our Soul! In this event we are going to do exactly what the title suggest!If pizza was your favourite food as a child, if it was what would have made you forget a painful fall, a shameful rejection or failure at school, if pizza cheers you up, this is the right event for you to enjoy it in company!

There are various ways to experience spiritual expansion and spiritual connection. Reading is a powerful one!There are texts that make our soul sing and dance and fly. Texts that resonate in our hearts, that give us inspiration and revelations, texts that heal our past wounds and reframe our connection to life. Let ́s wear BLACK, this empowering colour of spiritual wisdom and strength during this event!

Small change in the room for the second workshop! Same building but now it's happening on our studio 139To Healing and not room 401!

Let the fun begin!

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