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Metamorphic Technique Workshop with Polyxeni Stavrou from IntentionHealingPaths

Yesterday, I had the chance to participate in a wonderful interactive workshop about the Metamorphic Technique. The workshop was created and guided by Polyxeni Stavrou, art healer & healing artist, and it took place at the cosy studio To Healing.

The day started with Polyxeni sharing insights about the Metamorphic technique history and providing us with guidance to better realise our inner potentials.

We had the opportunity to create a mini art project, with a silent co-operation between the participants. This activity created a feeling of trust and helped in the bonding and sharing process.

We were also given the chance to practice the Metamorphic technique on our own and discover the ways that it can assist us both personally and professionally.

I strongly encourage you to look into Polyxeni's work and learn a bit more about Energy Healing and The Metamorphic Technique. I definitely recommend having a session or workshop with her. I am leaving you with a quote from the workshop's booklet that left an impression on me regarding the technique;

"Life is a great healer. The metamorphic technique offers and environment for contacting and reawakening the self-healing quality of life"

You will find more information about the Metamorphic Technique and Polyxeni's work

here :

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 14.36.29.png

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