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Movement classes will start again Spring 2019!

Stay Tuned or contact for more info

                                                     movement awareness & somatic dance
                                                          Move Into Being  (GROUP CLASS)         

WEDNESDAYs 12.00-14.00 @ STUDIO7 

Eerste Nassaustraat 7, 1052BD, Amsterdam

SOMAnatomics weekly class, Move Into Being,

is a deeply experiential somatic movement class

that use gentle sensory-enhancing movements, imagery games, interplay, expressional dance, anatomy 

and contact improvisation based sequences, to shift our awareness towards our nervous system and

to allow new natural & pain-free movement patterns to form.

During this movement practice, we begin to review our personal movement material in a slow pace, 

and while being aware of the feedback we receive from our body we start forming a new vocabulary.

We look into our static and active balancing skills and address the weight distribution in the body and

the way we transfer it in space (ex.walking).

We use touch to strengthen our connection to the body and to enhance the interactions between

our nervous and muscular system - enhancing this way the ability of our body to perform

and project voluntarily/or automatically what our mind orders or even requires for survival.

The slow movement material and the sensory information provide the opportunity to address any

habitual patterns that have caused muscle tension, rigidness and soreness or movement limitation. 


These classes offer a safe space to dive into a deeper bodily awareness

and learn new things about ourselves, our anatomy and physiology. 

In this kind of practice we learn how to develop effortless and effective ways

to use our body, and what may be their integration into our daily lives. 



START DATE: WED 25th of April 2018

END DATE: WED 6th of June 2018

TASTER CLASS: WED 18th April 2018

            Injury Prevention, Dance Safety, and MovementRehab Training

                                workshops are also organised





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