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                                                               Somanatomics for the officeworker

        The sessions slightly differ for each person according to the specific needs of the individual.

                                                                 SESSIONS OFFERED: 

                                                 Somanatomics Bodywork / 60min 50€

                                                   Neuro-movement Somanatomics / 45min 35€

The amount of hours office workers spend in a sitted or confined position assist in the formation of restricted postural and movement patterns.

These patterns usually are accompanied by lower back pain & knee pain, shoulder pain & headaches, back pain & leg numbness, etc 

Patterns are built due to the repetitive nature of the movements an individual performs every day in his working environment. 

When people sit for long periods of time, especially under stressful conditions, they forget how to do even basic necessary movements.  

During seasons with high anxiety levels, like when having a project deadline, our muscles are also being put under stress and with time present dysfunctionalities.

There is no bending, twisting or reaching required when sitting on a desk infront of a computer -where we mostly look straight ahead, use our fingers to type and bend our neck to look on documents. 

Since our brain allows us to adapt and teach our muscles to accumulate tension, we become used to slumping or sitting twisted as we are no longer able to distinguish potentially harmful holding patterns. 




If you have tried to relieve back, neck, shoulder or hip pain,

and have only experienced short term relief,   Somanatomics Bodywork

and NeuroKinesis Somanatomics will teach you how to achieve long-term

pain relief and improved muscle function - and the tools to utilise whenever you need.

You will learn how to access your brain's ability to “re-program” your muscles to

lengthen and relax, as you regain muscle sensation and control.



Group Offer Available For Your Employees! 

Do you own a company or run an office and you are interested to book sessions for your employees? Research has shown that educating employees about their postural habits and providing them with the appropriate tools to improve health increases work satisfaction and productivity.


How does it work?

Usually you, the employer, book one or multiple individual sessions for your employees where I help them acquire a better understanding of their posture and advise them in what they can do to keep their body active and pain free while at work. It is then their choice if they would like to continue further with the sessions.



Somanatomics for the Office Worker provides your employee with a better understanding of their body ergonomics. Main consideration of the treatments is to provide physical and psychological relaxation, to re-educate the individual on the postural positioning while working, increase endorphin levels and break repetitive habitual patterns. 


  • For the short (30min) weekly or monthly treatments the session focuses on relaxation and regeneration by using light touch, palpation massage and manual movement. Advice your employees on how to use their body while sitting and a few exercises adjusted to the workspace are also provided.

  • For the 45 & 60min weekly or monthly treatments the session spends time equally on relaxation-regeneration and re-training of the repetitive habitual patterns related to work. A workspace specific movement programme is provided and a regular evaluation of improvement is performed.

  • One -Day Workshops are also offered to provide your employees with important information on how to 

    aime and achieve a more natural, more efficient and unrestricted way of moving while at work.


Contact me if you are interested in creating a programme for your group of employees or you have any questions and would like to arrange a meeting.







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